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Easy Ways to Landscape Your Home

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Olympia Washington Landscaping

Easy Ways to Landscape Your Home

One of the nicest things about living in Olympia is having a lot of green space in your yard. The outside of your house has all the potential to become completely spectacular. But while you might be thinking that in order to get a beautiful yard you’ll need to pay a lot of money for the necessary materials, that’s no longer necessary.

Creative designers that wanted to make the most out of all the outdoor space, using easily found materials and plants, have made it easier than ever to have a beautiful yard. With some of these tips, your yard will soon look just as good as those you find on the front covers of magazines. We’ve been landscaping Olympia and the surrounding area for years, and in this post we’ll share some easy ways to beautify your home with landscaping.

What Do You Want?

More often than not, you have to look around at your space and think what you’ll use it for. Maybe your large backyard can be used for children to play around? Maybe the smaller front yard can be used as a relaxing spot? Finding out want you want from your yard and what you want to do there is the first essential step that should determine all of your future decisions.

Doing sketches of the yard with your thoughts of where things should go is one of the easiest ways to organize ideas. A visual plan can give shape and form to everything floating around in your mind. Not only will this help you, but if you consider getting the help of friends or professionals, it gives them something to work off whenever they’re working with you.

Baby Steps

As great as your sketch might be, as amazing as your ideas are on paper, you should implement them slowly. While in most TV shows you’ll just see a complete makeover in the span of three days, these people have been working on landscaping for most of their lives, and have a huge crew to boot.

Slowly developing a plan and seeing the process done right is the best—and most enjoyable—way to work. Your new yard doesn’t have to be ready in a weekend. Landscaping takes time. This is most important with plants. You have to wait for them to grow up and watch the difference that they now make. Doing the job in pieces helps you be happy with the process and makes the results sweeter. If it really is that important to have your yard done in a very short time, finding outside help from an Olympia landscaper is the surest way to do the work efficiently.
Benjamin Landscaping Olympia


Perennial plants are those that return on a yearly basis, in comparison to annuals that once planted live only for one season. While designing your Olympia landscaping, you should decide on what kind of approach you want with your floral array: a colorful combination of flowers or a one-color garden.

In case you’re unsure of what kind of perennials work better for your house, asking for external help will usually bring out the best colors in your yard. While they might be a bit more costly in the beginning, these plants are a one time expense in comparison to having to buy (and replant too!) year after year a new set of plants.

Ornamental grasses add some much-needed variety to any garden, bringing in a more modern look to the environment. Great for their low maintenance, they also bring in a much more modern look.

Planters to the Rescue

Sometimes you already have the perfect flowers and grasses, yet you might find that the place still looks drab. That’s when you start to consider more seriously using planters. An extremely easy way to make the existing plant life in the yard completely stand out, planters are a quick fix to the challenge of nurturing seedlings to growth.

How to use them is completely up to you. Using old barrels, tires, or pallets can definitely bring out a more rustic and classic look to your garden. If you’re looking for a more modern look, our Olympia landscaping specialists can show you options that will bring out an amazing new look for your yard.

Getting Around Your Garden

No matter how picturesque a garden you might have, you’ll definitely need some way to maneuver around it, even if just so that you can tend to your plants. Gravel is an incredibly useful solution, while still being relatively inexpensive for use. Put it in places where you’ll walk around or those where you want to add a modern touch.

Time Changes All

The most important advice of all: embrace change. Always be honest about what it is you really like, and be just as honest with those things that might not be worth it. Over the years you’ll begin to find out that what once was new and amazing is no longer as defining or important in your yard as it used to be—and that should be the moment to change it up.

When the moment comes for a big change, consider finding a team of professional landscapers in Olympia that will make sure to make your yard stand-out. And don’t hesitate to try something new. Something like hardscaping might be difficult for a beginner, but it can breathe new life to your outside decor. If you are looking for that professional touch, give Benjamin Landscaping a call.



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