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How to Plan Your Next Front Yard Landscaping Project

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What Your Next Front Yard Landscaping Project Should Look Like

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A landscape lacking any unique design can make a home less appealing. But an updated and modern front yard compliments a home more than anything. Keeping up with landscaping trends can be tough, however, when front yard landscaping styles change year after year.

At Benjamin Landscaping, we keep up with lawn and garden trends to bring out the contrast and color of your home, while making the most out of your yard space, regardless of its size. For over 30 years, Gig Harbor residents and others living south of the Sound have gone with Benjamin Landscaping for their ideal front yard, along with backyard landscaping, commercial landscaping, drainage system installation, landscape construction, and more.

So, what are the newest and best ways to landscape a front yard? Benjamin Landscaping has the answers, with an eye for curb appeal, strategy for construction, and a knowledge of local flora that will surely complete your front yard, backyard, and elsewhere.

What do you want to see from the curb?

Front yards speak volumes about a homeowner’s personality. What do you want your custom landscaping design to say about you and your home?

If you’re looking to spruce up your front yard, first think about what you want to see. Maybe you want a tall evergreen, a stony brook with smart drainage, or planter boxes here and there. These arrangements are what make your front yard uniquely yours.

Second, think about what you want passers-by to see: lush green grass, trees that change in the fall, flower beds with perennials, winding and welcoming pathways to the front door, seasonal flowers blooming in brick planters. These are what greet guests before they even arrive at your door.

New landscaping designs take strategy.

Some landscaping services only specialize in weeding, mowing, and hedge-trimming. With Bejamin Landscaping, we specialize in design, construction, and installation of your perfect yard.

We take into account the colors and scents of trees and flowers that would look best against the canvas of your home. We strategize everything from the placement of planter boxes and pathways, to deciding on which native species of plants.

Tip: For neutral-colored homes, perennial flowers pop with color with the addition of planter boxes, window boxes or flower beds.

If you want a more distinctive front yard, think of the types of trees, shrubs, and flowers you would like to see planted out front. Maybe you want evergreens for a verdant look year round, or a rocky front with natural foliage.

Here are some services we perform to help bring this vision to reality:

  • Sod installation
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Building planter boxes

What Landscaping Style Fits Your Home?

A well landscaped front yard should conform and appeal to the shape, architecture, and personality of your home. Whether you live in a three-story Victorian or a two bedroom craftsman, the style of your front yard should compliment the architecture and backdrop of your home.

Planter beds

Planter beds are an essential element to landscaping done right. Planter beds should encircle the front of your house like a green and floral wreath.
Adding to your planter bed:

  • Perennial flowers for bursts of color
  • Bark dust and mulch for a woodsy fragrance and contrast of natural color
  • Stones for borders and a natural touch to a well designed landscape


A straight line is the shortest way from A to B, but a meandering walkways is the most leisurely path taken from a driveway or curb.

That’s why walkways that twist and turn through the greenery to the front door are becoming all the more popular. Walkways made of brick, stamped concrete, or decomposed granite all can make your home appear more idyllic and relaxed, like a country cottage in the middle of the suburbs.

Trees and shrubs

Making your front yard landscape sustainable is not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly. Pick one or two tall trees to be part of the family, like a grand fir, alder, maple, or other native trees that you’d find on a hike around the Puget Sound. Plant flowering or leafy shrubs like the serviceberry or oceanspray, and place them in brick or stone planter boxes.

Let your tall trees and bushes appear in eye catching areas of your yard.

Patches of green grass

Front yards don’t have to be only plain patches of freshly cut grass. However, a patch of green lawn is must for any front yard in precipitous climates.

Does Your Landscaping Project Fit the Confines of Your Yard?

landscaping Gig Harbor
When it comes to yards, size doesn’t matter, only what you do with the space. And finding a balance between less and more greenery is difficult.

When choosing what to put in or out of your front yard, consider water usage.

  • Weeding
  • Soil Reconditioning
  • Reseeding
  • Sod Installation

What We Do

Our services in landscaping and yard work offer a range of improvements to your front yard, backyard, garden, and other green space. We go beyond the basic work of mowing, weeding, trimming, and planting to give you a yard that will be the envy of your neighborhood and the apple of your eye.

Along with revamping your yard, we also clean roofs and gutters so you don’t have to climb the heights of your roof or get your hands dirty with old leaves. We powerwash siding, roof shingles, driveways to make them look like new.

Your Gig Harbor Home Deserves The Best in Landscaping

Sustainable Designs for your home vary by the climate in which you live. For South Sounders, a windy and rainy climate means having good drainage and sturdy trees for your front yard. A well maintained lawn says so much about a homeowner.

Yard maintenance, even basic mowing and trimming, is still a major chore that can take up an entire weekend. And the more yardage of your property, the more time, energy, and frustration it requires. Leave everything to us: watering, mowing, trimming, raking, and weeding. Our services ensure that your front yard will give your home the most curb appeal around.



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