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Why Businesses Are Better Off with Commercial Landscaping

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The Cost-Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Landscaping Service

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While trimming hedges, planting flowers, and cutting grass are low on a business owner’s to-do list, a well kept landscape is essential your business. Because like your home, businesses also have curb appeal. The best way to give your office building or other type of commercial property a touch of green is to hire our commercial landscaping in Olympia, Washington.

Landscaping and yard work may be an enjoyable chore at home on the weekend. However, when you’re running your own business or managing your own commercial property, the last thing to enter your agenda on a busy day should be landscaping your commercial property.

Benjamin Landscaping prides itself as a landscaper business with a reputation built on three decades. During those thirty years of serving commercial and residential property owners, we’ve constructed, designed, and installed the latest in landscaping and hardscaping trends. Our designs are sustainable, functional, and most importantly raise property value.

Before deciding on whether or not to hire a commercial landscaper to spruce up the greenery around your office building, car dealership, or other type of commercial property–consider the reasons why it’s a great idea. Not only will you see the benefits from an uptick in business, which will yield a return on such an investment; you’ll also feel an increased sense of pride for the property you own.

Landscaping welcomes clients and other passersby

Curb appeal matters to your business as much as it matters to your home. And you may be familiar with the chestnut about first impressions being the most important.

The exterior design of your commercial property is arguably just as instrumental in drawing in customers and clients as the work performed inside the building. Hiring a professional commercial landscaping service ensures weekly upkeep and a lush look that lets your commercial property stand out above the rest.

At Benjamin Landscaping, we know the latest in landscape design trends that attract attention without being too showy. Your vision of what you want your landscape to look like will coincide with our design, construction, and periodic maintenance.

Commercial landscaping shows that you’re an environmentally conscious business

Environmentally conscious business owners can demonstrate their sustainability in their products as well as in their landscape design. Show you care about the environment and air quality by having trees and native flowers growing in your commercial property. Having a sustainable green space can contribute to a LEED certification, as well as lower energy costs. For example, certain trees planted around your build can also offer shade, which in turn can cut cooling costs on your building.

Other ways in which commercial landscaping can give your business a sustainable function have to do with pollinators. The declining numbers of pollinators, due to diseases and pollution, has since rebounded thanks to efforts with raising robust pollinator plants. Planting perennials, shrubs, and other native species of flowers and trees attracts honey bees, bumble bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other important pollinators that make our world vibrant with floral colors.

At Benjamin Landscaping, we know which species of plants native to Olympia will attract and sustain pollinators.

Good commercial landscaping improves working morale

Building a walkway, benches, shade trees, and other landscaping features can not only beautify your commercial building. It can also improve working morale of your employees. Workers who see beautiful flowers and trees planted outside of the office tend to be more productive. And lunch breaks outside under a shade tree, or strolls along a winding path, give the office a modern and healthy look.

At Benjamin Landscaping, we’ll design a peaceful and verdant environment for your commercial property for you, your clientele, and your employees to enjoy each day.

Deciding on Commercial Landscape Design

Business owners always want to put their best foot forward when it comes to their property’s appearance, because it sends a message to clientele about who they are. At Benjamin Landscaping our experts in commercial landscaping creates this inviting environment for customers and workers alike.

Our landscape designers and builders work directly with property owners to make a landscaping vision come to life. Plus, we communicate our project objectives with commercial property owners throughout the construction process to make sure our customers are getting what they want.

Call us today for your commercial landscaping service.

Our company has been around since 1985, and over time, has maintained the A+ Standard with the BBB by guaranteeing excellence in commercial and residential landscaping. Our customers choose the services that fit the size and goals of the property, and we make those goals a reality.



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