Landscape Design OlympiaBenjamin Landscaping has been upholding the highest standard of landscaping for two generations, since 1985. Our expertise covers all aspects of landscape design, construction, and maintenance. We offer both commercial and residential landscaping in Olympia and the surrounding areas. While we deliver top-quality landscape services, we don’t think you should have to pay more for it. Providing excellence in every detail should be the norm!

As a full-service landscaping company, we handle landscape installations as well as the construction of things like outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, shade structures, and more. We also take care of maintenance, like tree trimming and lawn care. You let us know the services you’re interested in, and we customize a plan for you.

We make all of our landscape designs to include practical, yet extremely important, matters such as water drainage. Some companies know how to create a functional design but do not handle the installation or maintenance. Other companies do the latter but do not have an in-depth understanding of creating a landscaping plan that holds up over time. Our experienced team does it all.

All our quotes on our Olympia landscaping services are upfront and transparent—never any hidden fees! You can rely on us for realistic estimates we stick to and open, honest communication. Our A+ rating with the BBB stands as a testament to our customer-first attitude.

Landscape Design and Installation

  • Sustainable Designs
  • Tree/Shrub Planting and Care
  • Tree Removal
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Barbecues
  • Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Stoves
  • Water Features and Ponds
  • Fire Features
  • Bark Dusting
  • Flowerbeds
  • Lighting
  • Stairs
  • And More!

Making your yard look the way you want it is a constant effort. Regular yard care is a necessity to keep your garden, water features, and pathways looking pristine. But what if you’re missing those features you’ve wanted? Do you have to hire a contractor to come and build them for you? You could, but it may be easier to call up Benjamin Construction and Landscaping in Olympia. Not only can we help you create the structures you want for your front and back yard, but our skilled landscapers can also do regular maintenance and upkeep for you later on.

Landscape construction, also known as Hardscaping, is the process of adding built-in structures to a landscape. Including things such as pathways and ponds, garden boxes, and items made from stone or concrete. These must be built in a particular way to work alongside existing features as well as provide areas for drainage and runoff if necessary. Choosing a company like us with experience in both services will ensure maximum compatibility with your land and its features.

As a versatile yard care company, we’re experienced in both hardscaping and landscaping to make your property look as nice as possible. Some of our many services include:

Landscape Structures

Patios and gazebos
Concrete and gravel
Walkways and pathways
Paving and brickwork
Decks and fences

Lawn Care

Weeding and mowing
Edging and trimming
Soil and sod care
Thatching and aerating
Tilling and fertilizing

Along with home and residential landscaping services, we do commercial landscaping and maintenance, too. Having a professional-looking storefront is a great way to attract customers. We can help you do that by adding a fountain, paved pathway, and more. Give us a call with your ideas, and we’ll see how we can make them come to life! While some Lakewood landscape construction companies claim that they do high-quality work, we go one step further. Every one of our jobs comes with a written warranty, so you know that we stand behind our performance. We’re confident that you’ll love the new look of your home or business; we’ll make sure of it! Give us a call or contact us today to schedule an appointment with our skilled and versatile yard care team.

Commercial Landscaping Design OlympiaAt Benjamin Landscaping, we’re just a run-of-the-mill landscaping service. We know that natural grass lawns can be high maintenance, in constant need of being mowed, watered, and reseeded. Our landscaping company specializes in laying down contemporary, attractive, and lush synthetic lawns for Olympia’s commercial properties and residences.

The difference between natural grass and synthetic turf is hard to see with the naked eye. The feel of the blades running through your hands will tell you right away–our artificial grass is just like the real thing.
As property owners look for new and innovative ways to save water, many are choosing to exchange real grass–and the chores that come with having a lawn–for a synthetic grass look-alike. We don’t roll out Brady Bunch astroturf. We lay down high-quality, soft, and evergreen yards that you don’t need to mow, weed, or water.

Excellent for pets and play areas
Pets and kids can run around on the soft synthetic lawn without getting hurt, tracking dirt and mud, or worrying about grass stains.

Great for the environment
While natural lawns can sometimes produce runoff that makes its way into storm drains and eventually the sound, synthetic lawns don’t.

Conserves water
Synthetic lawns don’t require water–period. Saving water from sprinkler and drip systems.

Stays green all year round
Synthetic lawns stay ever-green and lush all year. No need to worry about dead patches or reseeding.

No more mowing, weeding, or hedge trimming
Save money on gas and save time from not having to do the weekend chores required to keep a lawn in shape. Synthetic stays beautiful, with no maintenance needed.

Functional drainage systems
We make sure your lawn is appropriately graded for an excellent drainage system and moves water away from your property without pooling or collecting.

Commercial Property Synthetic Lawns

Using artificial grass for commercial properties is not only good for the environment, but it also helps contribute to building green. Additionally, it improves the bottom line by reducing costs associated with the maintenance of natural landscapes. Also, while synthetic turf produces an excellent looking, perfectly manicured lawn, it requires no use whatsoever, of pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, which contain toxic chemicals and are harmful not only to humans and animals but the environment as a whole.

Residential Synthetic Lawns

For relief from weekly chores like lawn mowing, weeding, and edge-trimming, invest in a synthetic lawn. Synthetic turf looks and feels just like regular grass. Plus, you save money on water expenses, and you save time since there is practically no maintenance needed. Our synthetic lawns become great places for playing, relaxing, and complimenting your front and back yards. When you’re looking for an alternative for real grass, the solution is synthetic!

Our team of lawn care professionals is passionate about what they do. To us, it’s not just a job — it’s craftsmanship. And the best part about our work is that we can provide years of care for the same clients. Building long-term relationships not only enhance our experiences, but it also translates to our work. Making outdoor spaces look natural and manicured at once takes a love for the process as much as the gratifying result.

We gladly offer routine maintenance of lawns and outdoor areas. Need to make your landscaping design more interesting? We are happy to discuss construction projects and the installation of a variety of features.

At Benjamin Construction and Landscaping, we provide more than just landscaping services. With our team of remodeling contractors we can redesign kitchens, bathrooms, and entire homes to fit our customers needs!